Randall Nigohosian



3rd Grade

I am delighted and honored to be joining the Inspire Elementary School team.He was born Rhode Island and was raised in Utah. Randall graduated from Westminster College in Salt Lake City with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a Special Education endorsement. He has lived overseas teaching English. Over the last several years he has taught at private and charter schools in Denver, most recently at The BOYS School. He is also a local artist and musician that brings both passions into the classroom. Randall is excited to meet and teach a new group of students and have fun with them in the process.

My Favorite Things
Favorite Morning Snack: dried fruit
Favorite Drink: club soda
Favorite Morning Drink: coffee
Favorite Lunch Food: beef jerky
Favorite Candy/Treat: peach rings
Favorite Color: red
Favorite Flower: roses
Favorite Places to Shop: SafeWay
Favorite Places to Eat: Uncle Raman
Favorite Activities: painting