Family Engagement

Get Involved! 

Friday Folders

At the end of each week parents/guardians can expect a Friday Folder to come home. This is an opportunity for the school and teachers to share information and return student work.

Family Conferences

Two formal Family Conferences are scheduled during the school year. Family Conferences provide an opportunity for families to meet with the classroom teacher to discuss their child’s progress. At the Parent/Teacher Conference, specific student data and observations about daily work habits will be shared with the parents/guardians. If parents/guardians wish to have additional conferences to discuss student progress, feel free to make an appointment with the teacher. If necessary, other staff such as the psychologist, social worker, counselor, SpEd teacher, dean, or principal may be present.

Hiring Committee

The Hiring Committee supports the hiring process, which includes being part of the interview team. Members must complete the DPS HR Hiring Training. The committee typically begins interviews in early spring.


Volunteering is a great way to connect with us and help support the school. If you’re interested in volunteering, view our volunteer handbook.