Discovery Link

Discovery Link is the only district-run before school, after school, and full-day camp program. Licensed by the state of Colorado, we offer Discovery Link at 60 elementary schools. Students participate in fun and engaging activities supporting relationship-building skills, movement, and creativity. The program is a multi-subject offering that could include SEAL (Social Emotional and Academic Learning), Physical Education, Art, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), Dance, Music, Chess, and many more activities! For more information about Discovery Link, please see the below information.

We intentionally provide a “High Impact Offering” to all students within the first 15 minutes of programming in all of our After School Discovery Link Programs. A High Impact offering is an intentional activity that gives all students a meaningful experience. Some examples include: Welcoming Rituals, SEAL, Team/Culture Builder, Seasonal Activity, Student Public Speaking/Presentations, etc. The skills that students learn during a High Impact Offering allow for more opportunities to prepare them to succeed in their daily lives. Without access to these programs, it may limit their options. By offering a High Impact Offering at the program’s start, we will increase student access. Let’s reach more students through impactful experiences within the first 15 minutes of programming! 

At Inspire, the program serves children ECE to 5th grade.

Please check DPS’ Discovery Link website for information and updates about the program.

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Please note: While the program operates in our building, it is coordinated and facilitated by DPS. Parents may contact Osharron Awatt, Program Manager at 303-968-9583 or for specific questions about Inspire Elementary’s Discovery Link program.