School Supplies

ECE Supplies

Click here for a list of supplies and personal belongings that are needed for ECE.

The School Supply Fee benefits all families. We are able to purchase items in bulk and can get items at a lower price. It saves families time (and hassle) of making purchases for back-to-school. It also increases equity as all students will have the same quality materials. 

K-5 Supplies

K-5 Families will receive a My School Bucks invoice 2-3 weeks before school begins in the amount of $110. The fee covers all classroom supplies for your child(ren) for the entire school year. Each grade level determines the specific needs of their team. Click here for a complete list of what is purchased by grade level. In addition, the school supply fee may cover miscellaneous costs such as extra chargers, headphones, butcher paper, manipulatives, arts or library supplies not covered by the Mill Levy funding, supplemental trackers, etc. 


  • The fee for students with FRL (Free Reduced Lunch) is waived. Nutrition Services is not permitted to share FRL details with schools. If your child has Free Reduced Lunch, please email Ashlee
  • Families that enroll later in the year will receive a prorated invoice. 
  • A late fee of $25 will be charged for invoices that are 30 days past due.