Mission & Vision


Inspire Elementary prepares children to positively impact their future.


Inspire Elementary leverages children’s passions, talents, and learning styles to create an education that cultivates the whole child.

Our Values: Innovate, Impact, Inspire

Innovate: Educators draw upon educational best practices and the latest tools, focus on conceptual understanding, and empower students to learn by doing; inquiry is leveraged to empower students to understand people and communities at a very human level; children learn to develop emotionally meaningful as well as functional solutions to positively impact; design thinking provides an integrated approach to solutions—balancing empathy, intuition, and inspiration with rational and analytical thinking; classroom space and time is used flexibly to engage children in a joyful, authentic, and play-based learning environment.

Impact: Learning opportunities are vehicles used to create solutions that make a difference; educators realize the future depends on our ability to improve educational opportunities for ALL students in an increasingly diverse community; children engage in learning through a human-centered design-based approach which helps them explore and develop personal interest areas while creating solutions for local, community, and global situations.

Inspire: Children think critically, engage in collaborative projects, and become creators, not just consumers, of their world; children learn responsibility, resilience, and grit while developing growth mindsets; children think, create, innovate, and become engaged as learners; children set individual goals, make decisions about how to spend time, and access resources in order to personally challenge themselves and achieve standard-based competencies.