Coy Rice

Gifted & Talented Teacher


Student Services

Dr. Rice currently works as an Itinerant Gifted and Talented Teacher with multiple campuses throughout the district including Inspire Elementary. He provides various services related to district assessments and programming for both students and educators. He is originally from Northeastern Montana near the Canadian border where most of his family still resides. After acquiring his Bachelor’s degree at Rocky Mountain College, he started working with Siberian Yupik Eskimo’s on St. Lawrence Island, located just south of the Bering Strait in the northern part of Alaska. Eventually, he began working with a program that assisted military families stationed throughout the Pacific Rim. This included places such as Guam, Hawaii, South Korea, and Japan. During this time, he completed a Master’s Degree in Economics and Education and then moved to New Mexico. While living in the south, Dr. Rice worked for Park University and a school district near Holloman Air Force Base. This allowed him to work on his doctoral degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. He has always enjoyed cooking, skiing, outdoor concerts, movies, and travel.

My Favorite Things
Favorite Morning Snack: Granola Bar
Favorite Drink: LaCroix Sparkling Water
Favorite Morning Drink: Coffee – Regular – nothing added
Favorite Lunch Food: Caesar Salad
Favorite Candy/Treat: Chocolate
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Flower: Carnation
Favorite Places to Shop: Target
Favorite Places to Eat: Next Door Restaurant, Olive Garden
Favorite Activities: Cooking, Skiing, Biking, and Walking