Steven Lamb
4th Grade Teacher

Steven Lamb is an accomplished educator, speaker, and innovator. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Working throughout the year to pursue the many aspects of education, Mr. Lamb pushes to capture student work and stories that inspire others to consider their relationship with education.
Layered by technology, design thinking, and project-based subjects, Mr. Lamb is known for lessons that are punctuated by real-world applications. Through social media and speaking engagements, Steven strives to share his vision of education with teachers and students alike and to inspire them to explore it for themselves.
His perspective on education has earned him opportunities to speak on the TEDx stage, lead professional training, educate, and leverage his honors and awards to give his students a global audience. Along with his wife, they work hard to ensure all students have a voice using the skills and tools of the classroom.
Mr. Lamb has established himself as an innovator in education and is always looking for different ways to reach his students. Mr. Lamb moved to the area in 2018 from Albuquerque, New Mexico wherein he was a 2nd and 4th-grade educator for a decade. He is happiest spending time with his wife Rachel raising their daughter here in Denver.


Favorite Morning Snack: coffee
Favorite Drink: coffee
Favorite Morning Drink: coffee
Favorite Lunch Food: Pizza
Favorite Candy/Treat: Reeses
Favorite Color: Black or Clear
Favorite Flower: NA
Favorite Places to Shop: Apple Store
Favorite Places to Eat: North Italia or North County
Favorite Activities: Photography