Rachel Lamb
2nd Grade Teacher

Rachel desires to live in a world filled with innovation, where all pictures are hung with a level, and magical powers inhabit her keyboard. As a National Board Certified teacher with thirteen years of experience. She possesses bachelor’s degrees in French and History and when that proved to be non- profitable, obtained a master’s in Elementary Education.
Rachel is committed as a national educational speaker with her husband, where they were honored to speak on a TEDx stage. She is an award- winning educator specializing in EdTech, and is always looking to brush up on her technology skills over coffee or charcuterie. If you challenge her to Scrabble, she will win.
When she’s not sleeping on a cot in her classroom, you can find her crushing her seven-year-old in Mario Kart, bothering her husband with existential questions, searching for French fries, or avoiding writing bios (hence why her husband wrote this one).


Favorite Morning Snack: Berries and Honey
Favorite Drink: Voss
Favorite Morning Drink: Voss
Favorite Lunch Food: Fancy Salads
Favorite Candy/Treat: Red Starbursts
Favorite Color: Black, Yellow, Green, Purple
Favorite Flower: Peonies
Favorite Places to Shop: Native Owned Businesses
Favorite Places to Eat: Postinos
Favorite Activities: Going to the movie theater

Email: rachel_lamb@dpsk12.org