Dorian Bennett
Dean of Culture

Hello Inspire Elementary School Community,

My name is Dorian Bennett. It is my belief that relationships are the keys to success for students as relationships create the foundation for a successful student’s path. I am humbled and honored to devote my time, my energy and my effort to ensuring that the students feel confident, comfortable and complete as they progress in this beautiful world. During my personal time, I am rejuvenated by spending time with my partner. In addition, I enjoy a good book, writing poetry and do-it yourself (DIY) projects. I am the Dean of Culture. My job is to help students, faculty, and staff in their efforts to be successful. I look forward to joining the July CSC and PTO meetings and getting to know our community.

Here's a little more about how I do that in my role. This position was added for the 2020 school year to help define, implement, and oversee all aspects of the school culture. "School Culture" can be defined as: "The sum of the values, cultures, safety practices, and organizational structures within a school that cause it to function and react in particular ways."

The following responsibilities were strategically planned for the Dean of Culture prior to the roll-out of DPS Return to School guidance this week. Like all staff, my top priority as we start the school year will be ensuring student and staff safety in alignment with DPS guidance.

At Inspire Elementary School, in addition to Return to School priorities at the start of the 2020-2021 school year, my responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:

Behavior Support/Discipline

Collaborate with staff on annual revisions to The Inspire Way

Lead BOY roll-out for all school-side protocols

Documentation: IC Entry all Incidents, parent/staff communications, collaborate with SEL team for accountability on all required reports, risk assessments etc

Follow Up all Incidents: students, parents, classroom teacher, other staff

Serve on the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) team, helping students to succeed.

Collaborate with SPED teacher/SPED partner regarding IEP behavior support implementation

Forge a new culture of conflict management and problem-solving based in restorative values and principles

Facilitate mediations and restorative solution circles between students, faculty, staff, and parents as needed.


Forge positive relationships with all students, parents, and staff

Lead Whole Child Team

Serve/Rotate presence on Culture-Related Committees: Student Culture Committee, Garden Committee and others

Support accountability efforts determined by committees re implementation

Attend Stakeholder meetings/events

Work closely with students, staff and faculty to improve academics, discipline, and general school culture

Design and support Character Education in all K-5 classrooms, as well as small focus groups

Assist with the success of all community members using the acronym A-U-T-O, as I will go Around-Under-Through-Over for the Inspire Elementary School community.


Serve on Operational Leadership Team

Manage (Plan/Message/Supervise)





Lead Discovery Link Partnership

Co-Lead Facilities Support

Collaborate with Scheduling Committee on Schedule

Shared Campus

Support Office Staff with Scheduling

Collaborate with principal re Shared Campus Meetings & Follow Up


Supervise assigned classified staff TBD

Students: Recess and Lunch

Thank you for choosing Inspire Elementary School. I am inspired to join this dynamic team of educators. I wish you and your student(s) the very best of fun, challenge, growth, and success this year!


Favorite Morning Snack:
Favorite Drink: Ice Water or Grapefruit Izze
Favorite Morning Drink: Ice Water or Grapefruit Izze
Favorite Lunch Food: Mexican Hamburger
Favorite Candy/Treat: Mike & Ikes (Jolly Joes)
Favorite Color: Cardinal Red
Favorite Flower: N/A
Favorite Places to Shop: Motorcycle Shops
Favorite Places to Eat: My House/New Saigon
Favorite Activities: Anything that I do with my significant other/Coaching basketball/Bike rides (pedal or motor)/Hanging out with Mozzie (Pup)